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The Center for New Words is a project of New Words Live, a non-profit organization dedicated to presenting diverse women artists creating from the many realities and possibilities of women's lives. We produce cutting-edge live author events, a monthly open mic, special events and writing workshops.

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Center for New Words and the Cambridge Women's Center present:

Amazon Grace

Thursday, Feb. 23@ 7:00 PM

In her signature style, Daly, the groundbreaking author of such classics as Beyond God the Father and The Church and the Second Sex, explores the visions of Matilda Joslyn Gage, the great nineteenth-century philosopher, and reveals that her insights are stunningly helpful to twenty-first-century Voyagers seeking to overcome the fascism and life-hating fundamentalism that has infused current power structures. Daly shows us once again that Wild, Wise Women can learn to take charge of the current destructive patriarchal forces and use this as an Outlandish opportunity for change.

FREE. At the Center for New Words, 7 Temple Street, Cambridge. For directions, click here.

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