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Here at CNW, activism, women’s words, and civil society intersect. Our goal is to bring progressive women’s voices back into our culture and our public conversation. This has been our goal since the beginning. In the wake of the November elections, we are more determined than even to reach it.

And we need your help. We have successfully completed our transition from a women’s bookstore to a flourishing feminist nonprofit organization. A Ford Foundation grant launched us, and in the past two years, donors and friends have provided enormous support.

Building on these votes of confidence, a local philanthropist has now contributed significantly toward the funding we need for the next three years. Because of the generosity of this donor, and the support of people like you, we’re launching a three-year campaign called  “Taking Our Place in the Public Conversation.”

With your support, this ambitious project will amplify diverse women’s words in print, online and on the airwaves. It will increase our engagement with the entire “word cycle” from literacy to blogging (web logging), to literary writing, to opinion-making in the media. And our campaign will expand the dynamic programs you’ve seen in our Fall 2004 series:

>>    Readings and discussions with prominent authors such as Anne Garrels, Patricia J. Williams and Michelle Tea

>>   One-of-a-kind literary writing and media training workshops with Callie Crossley, Holly Sklar, and others 

>>  Writing programs in collaboration with a Cambridge-based organization for homeless women

>>    “The Day After: A Post-Election Feminist Town Hall Forum” with Cynthia Enloe, Irene Monroe, Meizhu Lui, Divya Kumar, and Hayat Imam

>>    Organizing our second annual weekend-long conference on Women and the Media (WAM!, scheduled for March18-20, 2005)  

>>    Monthly open mics for new and accomplished writers

>>    Developing a state-of-the-art website and online feminist community

Last but not least, you will move us closer to opening a physical space that will house both CNW and a new women’s bookstore.

As you know, the current political landscape mutes the voices of progressive women. This exclusion carries a high cost—for women, for policy-making, and for civil society. Seldom has it been so clear that we need to bring our feminist views and opinions into the local, national, and global discourse. 

Your moral and financial support helps CNW promote the words of women on the margins, women with progressive visions, women breaking taboos, and women working for the common good.  We are close to one-third of the way toward our three-year goal. We keep our expenses unbelievably low, but to meet our operational budget, we need to raise $50,000 by December 31, 2020.

Please join our campaign to bring progressive women’s voices where they belong: front and center in the public conversation.


Laura Zimmerman
Joni Seager
& Gilda Bruckman

for the Board and Staff of the Center for New Words

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