Kathleen Spivack

Writer-Professor, Boston/Paris (NEA/ Sorbonne/ Ecole Polytechnique)

Always at the forefront, New Words has decided to re-invent itself to again meet the needs of women today. New Words was a pioneer in getting women’s writing showcased and read and sold; now they have succeeded. Only a few stalwart independent bookstores still exist in Cambridge; the Harvard Bookstore and the Grolier and Schoenhofs still hold their heads up amid the ruins. They make no distinction between the books written by men and those by women. New Words has fulfilled its initial mission. It is time to move on, to break new ground, to once again address today’s concerns in an immediate way. The Center for New Words proposes to go far beyond the model of a bookstore; that has already been done—and duplicated. The Center for New Words, true to the social concerns that have animated New Words from the start, offers anew to fill a need for women, a place for women, and a forum for the pressing issues that face women today, all women. Women have lost ground in crucial areas. The Center for New Words proposes to specifically address literacy, education, and awareness. I find this completely admirable, exciting and rejuvenating, and strongly support this daring transformation.