Eileen Myles

poet, novelist; Professor of Writing at University of California at San Diego

I love New Words and their new vision. Reading at New Words always means an opportunity to be tapped into certainly Boston’s finest, but also one of the finest listening and reading audiences on the East coast. It’s always been so much more than a bookstore—a serious experience of actual female literary community in America. As a poet (born in Boston) who’s developed outside of the academy, I’d put New Words in a vital and culture-sustaining and sparkling category with St. Mark’s Poetry Project in New York, throw in a little women’s music festival, Sister Spit—the literary touring wing of third wave feminism, the gay & lesbian community center in New York and how about institutions of the past that we’ve lost like the LA Women’s Building? New Words is sui generis and boy am I glad they are expanding their vision at a moment when female articulation is both crucial and dwindling from view. I applaud this visionary institution at this progressive and happening juncture.