Evelyn F. Murphy

former Lt. Governor of Massachusetts; Resident Scholar, Women’s Studies Program, Brandeis University

The Center for New Words is a sophisticated concept. Not only does this venture build on the lessons of the women’s movement and women’s bookstores, it dares to be bold and big in its intended impact on society.

Do not overlook its potential impact on politics for I believe the CNW will be a vital resource for aspiring women politicians in the United States and internationally. The New Words Bookstore was an intellectual haven for me when I ran for and served in public office in Massachusetts I found there the works of women writers who influenced my campaign messages immeasurably.

The transformation of the bookstore into a forum of activism provides an even richer opportunity than I had for political women who want to infuse politics and public life with women’s voices and values. The CNW can offer these women a place to develop and test their ideas for helping women most in need of governmental support such as those who are paid unfairly, who have limited education, and who face health problems based on their impoverished conditions.

The CNW’s mission for women to achieve social equality will only be achieved when women become full and equal participants at the highest levels of politics here and throughout the world. I see the CNW as a catalyst for the political advance of women and I wholeheartedly endorse the effort.