Cheryl Kennedy

Assistant Director, Institute for Health and Recovery (care for families affected by substance abuse, especially women and their children, throughout Massachusetts)

Thank you so much for providing me with the opportunity to read this incredible document. The vision, intelligence, energy, and commitment to move forward from lessons learned while creating new possibilities for learning is inspiring, even heart-warming. That such a proposal would come from New Words is not surprising. I feel excited simply by reading this document! As I read this I kept thinking: Look at what those wonderful women at New Words have in store for us now! I truly believe that there does not exist another group of women who can offer so many years of experience, a demonstrated commitment to all women, the ability to be practical and visionary at the same time, the dedication to learning from every experience while simultaneously placing events and needs in historical and political perspective - and, above all, an unwavering sense of responsibility to give all women a voice, to continue to create and re-create women’s rooms in as many forms as is necessary. It continues to be an honor to know you - and a delight! Thank you for all of your hard work and for your continuous efforts to create spaces for us to listen to each other.

By the way, my oldest daughter (30 years old now) still has and treasures many of the books I bought for her at New Words when she was not yet in school. She has very fond memories of visiting New Words, sitting in a corner quite comfortably with so many books about girls! What I remember is how good it felt to me not only that we had access to such wonderful books, but also that I could bring her into an environment that celebrated her being there, that took her seriously and opened many worlds of possibilities for her. Again, thank you ever so much.