Linda Gardiner

Publisher, The Women’s Review of Books

I’ve just finished reading the Prospectus that describes New Words’ plans for the future and I am profoundly impressed and excited. This is exactly the kind of project that I would have expected from the women of New Words: the combination of inspiring vision and nuts-and-bolts detail, far-sighted projections and down-to-earth planning. Not to mention a genuine commitment to diversity of all kinds and an acute awareness of all the needs we as women still have unfulfilled. What an amazing addition to the cultural scene the Center for New Words will be. I look forward to collaborating with the women of CNW in ways we have yet to dream of, to help build a future we all want to live in. I look forward to browsing the bookstore shelves, sitting in the audience for events of all kinds, and seeing that bookstore on wheels driving down the street, filled with treasures to delight readers around Boston, across Massachusetts, and who knows where else? Every city in the country ought to have a Center like this one, and maybe one day they all will. But this one will be the first, and I can’t wait to see it happen.